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Mary Isis This album is some powerful and modern Bhakti music- bringing together ancient vedic mantra and high energy world fusion instruments. I am grateful to know and hold in my heart,Shakti Durga and the Shanti Mission Ohana of Australia. This is a blessed co-creation of beautiful beings I hold dear to my heart. Good work Vishaka! Favorite track: Medha Suktam (Wisdom).
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Kali Ma, Kali Ma, Kali Kali Kali Kaliye Namaha Kali Ma Kali Ma Om Dum Durgaye Namaha Om Dum Durga Ma Pritana jitagum Sahamana Mugramagnigum-Huve ma-Paramath Sadhastha-ate Meaning: Oh the One who charges and destroys the enemies, fierce One we invoke thee from the highest heavens, the leader of all to reign here.
Om Namo Narayani We bow to the Divine Mother. Gyana Guru Potri Om Guru of sacred wisdom you are a prayer and you answer our prayers. Gyana Rupaya Vidmahe Shakti Hamsaya Dhimahi Tanno Shakti Amma Prachodayat The last three lines are a song of light, the Guru Gayatri, asking for wisdom to become physicalised, that the Shakti or spiritual power and the light-filled wisdom merge with us and lead us, as embodied in Sri Sakthi Amma, who is Shakti Durga’s Guru.
Jai Jai Ram Sita Ram Sita Ram Sita Ram Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram Hanuman Bolo
Hiranya varnam harinim suvarna-rajathas-rajam Chandhram hiranmayim lakshmim jathavedho ma avaha Tham ma avaha jathavedho lakshmi manapagaminim Yasyam hiranyam vindheyam gam-ashvam purushan-aham Oh God of Fire, invoke for you, the Goddess Lakshmi who shines like gold, yellow in colour, wearing gold and silver garlands, radiating like the moon, the embodiment of wealth. Oh God of Fire! Invoke for me the unfailing Lakshmi, blessed by whom, I shall have wealth, and other forms of abundance.
Obliterate delusion Destroy our fears Take us to the place Where everything is clear Burn up our misery Eliminate our pain Sweep away our suffering So we are whole again Demolish our Darkness So we can see The blazing light Of reality Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundai Vicche Namaha
Om Triambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor-Mukshiya Mamritat The legend behind this mantra is a beautiful story. A devout couple who worshipped Shiva were unable to have children. After many years of prayer and purification, they desperately prayed to Lord Shiva for a child. Pleased with their devotion, Shiva appeared to them and said: “what is it you want?” They told their Divine Father that they wanted a child. Shiva went within and saw their karma. He then said to them: “You can either have an egocentric, selfish, embittered soul who will make your life miserable, but who will live a long life and have children of their own, Or you can have the child of a Rishi, a saintly soul who you will love and who will be devoted to you. But he will leave his body right on the 16th anniversary of his birth.” The parents looked at each other crestfallen, but both chose the same thing: “The saintly child. “Let it be so” said Shiva, and nine months later the wife gave birth to a stunning baby boy who was the apple of the parents' eye. After a blissful 15 years, the parents slowly started to get depressed. They never told their child of the choice they had made, but he knew something was wrong. On the eve of his 16th birthday he saw through mystic sight the cause of his parents distress, and he shouted out to Lord Shiva to save him. So adamant and filled with light and devotion was this youth that Lord Shiva appeared before him, saying that he could not change the boy's karma, he had to die when he turned 16. However as Shiva is the Lord of Time, he could stop time in the youth’s life, granting him eternal life. Thus, the saintly boy conquered death. Personally, I think perhaps the youth was Babaji, the Eternal saint. Meaning: We worship and adore you, O three-eyed one, O Shiva. You are sweet gladness, the fragrance of life. You nourish us, restore our health, and cause us to thrive. As, in due time, the stem of the cucumber weakens, and the gourd is freed from the vine, free us from attachment and death, and grant us immortality.
Om Medha Devi Jushhamaa Naa Na Aagaa Vishvaachi Bhadraa Sumanas Yamaanaa May the all pervasive Goddess of intelligence who is happy with us, who brings prosperity and kindness, visit us. Tvayaa Jushhtaa Nudamaanaa Duruktaan Brahad Vadema Vidathe Suviiraaha Oh Goddess we were indulging in futile gossip before your visit but now by your grace we got the talent to speak like disciples. Tvayaa Jushhta Rishhir Bhavati Devi Tvayaa Brahma Aagatshrii Ruta Tvayaa Oh Goddess admired by you, one becomes a Rishi, one becomes the knower of Brahma and attains an abundance of wealth. Tvayaa Jushhta Schitram Vindate Vasu Saano Jushhasva Dravino Na Medhe I pray to that Goddess of intelligence to grant us the various forms of wealth. Medhaam Ma Indro Dadaatu Medhaam Devi Sarasvati May Lord Indra grant us the inner knowledge, may Goddess Sarasvati grant us intelligence. Medhaam Me Ashvinaa Vu Bhaavaadhattaam Pushhka Rasrajaa May the two Ashwins, wearing garlands made of Lotus flowers, grant us wisdom. Apsara Suchayaa Medhaa Gandhar Veshhu Cha Yanmanaha Grant us that intelligence for this, our Apsara. Devim Medhaa Sarasvati Saamaam Medhaa Surabhir Jushhataam goos Svaahaa Let the divine intelligence awaken in us which spreads the Vedic law and has fragrance. Aamaam Medhaa Surabhirr Vishvaruupaa Hiran Yavarnaa Jagatii Jagamyaa The one who grants intelligence, the one who spreads like perfume, the one who bears the golden letters, the one who is immortal, may that Goddess be kind to us. Uurja Svatii Paya Saa Pinva Maanaa Saamaam Medhaa Supratii-kaa Jushhantaam Oh Medha Devi, who is with a glowing countenance, whom seekers of Truth pursue, who is the seat of strength, who brings us up with milk and other wealth, come and be kind to us. Mayi Medhaam Mayi Prajaam Mayya Gnistejo Dadhaatu Mayi Medhaam Mayi Prajaam Mayi Indra Indri Yam Dadhaatu Mayi Medhaam Mayi Prajaam Mayi Suuryo Bhraajo Dadhaatu May the Fire God grant us the intelligence and the glow of the vedic chanting. May Lord Indra grant us intelligence and the strength arising from the control of one’s senses, may the Sun God grant us intelligence and the strength to create fear in the enemy’s heart. Vagdevi Cha Vidmahe Bramha Patni Cha Dhimahi Thanno Vani Prachodayat May we realize the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom. Let us meditate on the spouse of Lord Brahma and may Goddess Sarasvati enlighten us.
Rogaana seshana pahamsi dushta rushta thu kaamaan sakalana bheeshtan Thwama shrithanam Navipan naraanaam Thwama shrithahya shrayatham prayanthi The chant is from the Ancient Durga Sapta Sloki chant, and has the following meaning: “When you are pleased with us, you destroy all enmity and all afflictions and miseries, otherwise our aspirations and desires remain unfulfilled. No calamity befalls the men and women who have sought you: by your refuge we stay on the right path. You are the ultimate refuge when we depart this world”.
Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Sauh Kleem Hreem Eim Blum Strim Nilatari Saraswati Dram Drim Klim Blum Sah Eim Hreem Shreem Kleem Sauh Sauh Hreem Swaha


This is universal world music, not limited by borders, cultures, musical traditions or religions. It is a unique combination of Vedic mantra and world fusion.

It was channeled from the Divine and despite the depth of the arrangements and original compositions, the entire CD was conceived, composed and completed through dedication, devotion and Divine grace in six intense and life-changing weeks.

The tracks are full of Nada Shakti, the Divine essence travelling through sound and blessings are incorporated into the music for the benefit of the listener.

Enjoy this sacred journey and may it help you surrender to a new world of love, inspiration, fulfilment, inner peace and bliss.

(Recommended: Do not play this CD whilst operating heavy machinery or driving).


released July 9, 2017

Vocals: Shakti Durga
Instrumentation: Vishaka Venketeswara
Mantras: Divine, other lyrics, musical composition and arrangements by Shakti Durga and Vishaka Venkateswara
Piano: Veena Vaani in 'Shiva (Bliss of Immortality)'
Back up vocals: Parvati Sundari & Surya Rose in 'Kali Durga (Protection)'; and Vishaka Venkatesawara and Vijay Krsna in 'Sita Ram (Devotion)'.
Mastered: Vishaka Venkateswara
Album Design: Kelly Patterson
Produced by: Higher Guidance Pty Ltd.


all rights reserved



Shakti Durga Cooranbong, Australia

Shakti Durga is the spiritual leader of Shanti Mission, dedicated to the illumination of consciousness through wisdom teachings, energy healing, devotional spiritual practices and inclusive community. Her sacred music is filled with Nada Shakti (Holy Spirit) - uplifting, blissful & transformative. Meet her through the sound, international retreats & workshops, books, inspirational cards or online. ... more

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