This mantra is the first verse of the Sri Suktam, a devotional song offered to the Divine Mother as Lakshmi, all forms of auspiciousness, beauty and fulfillment.


Hiranya varnam harinim suvarna-rajathas-rajam
Chandhram hiranmayim lakshmim jathavedho ma avaha
Tham ma avaha jathavedho lakshmi manapagaminim
Yasyam hiranyam vindheyam gam-ashvam purushan-aham

Oh God of Fire, invoke for you, the Goddess Lakshmi who shines like gold, yellow in colour, wearing gold and silver garlands, radiating like the moon, the embodiment of wealth. Oh God of Fire! Invoke for me the unfailing Lakshmi, blessed by whom, I shall have wealth, and other forms of abundance.


from Oh My GODDESS, released July 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Shakti Durga Cooranbong, Australia

Shakti Durga is the spiritual leader of Shanti Mission, dedicated to the illumination of consciousness through wisdom teachings, energy healing, devotional spiritual practices and inclusive community. Her sacred music is filled with Nada Shakti (Holy Spirit) - uplifting, blissful & transformative. Meet her through the sound, international retreats & workshops, books, inspirational cards or online. ... more

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